Commercial Compilation Reel

Mercedes S Class

Apple Iphone SE

McDonald’s French Fries


Anna Sui Perfume



  • TV Commercial Reel

  • Beauty Reel

  • Documentary Reel

  • Explainer / E-Learning Reel

  • PSA / API / IVR Reel

  • Cantonese Reel


  • TV Commercial Reel

  • Mercedes S-Class

  • Apple Iphone SE

  • Mc Donald’s Fries

  • Grammarly

  • Anna Sui Perfume


  • L’Oreal Powder

  • Smashbox Foundation

  • Maybelline Lipstick

  • Neutrogena Body Oil

  • Aveeno Cream

  • Lubriderm Body Cream


  • America’s Vault

  • National Geographic 125 Years

  • Gobi Desert

  • Mini Market

  • 4H Corporation (No Music)

  • A Story (No Music)


  • Corporate Reel

  • 3 Com Corporation

  • Core Credentials Financial


  • 4H Corporation (No Music)

  • Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok Link


  • Global Transact – Finance

  • Mobile Mover – Training

  • Tissue Graft – Medical

  • Pitch to Close – Sales

  • A&E – Interior Deco

  • Meditation


  • L’Oreal Powder – Brit

  • 3 Com Corporation

  • British Airways

  • Core Credentials Financial

  • Lions – Documentary

  • Neutrogena Body Oil – Brit


  • HK Gov’t – Anti-Deception

  • HK Health Department – Ebola

  • HK ISD – Housing

  • HK Health Dept – Breast Milk

  • HK Gov’t – Rehabilitated Offenders

  • Alipay HK – IVR – Eng


  • Environmental Protection

  • Anna Sui Perfume – CHI

  • Rehabilitated Offenders

  • HK Labour Dept – Education

  • Sun Hung Kai Properties

  • Alipay HK – IVR – Chi

Let us know:

  • Name of client/product
  • Project Type: commercial, narration, explainer etc.
  • Usage: TV/radio stations & markets, social media, client website, conference, trade show, internal etc.
  • Usage Period: 1 year, 2 year etc.
  • Duration of clip: 30 sec, 60 sec, 2 min+ etc.
  • Word count
  • Whether VO should be synched to images or fit within specific timings;
  • How you would like the recording to unfold: Self-directed, no. of options, call-in, Source Connect etc.
  • File format delivery: mp3, wav, aiff
  • Unless otherwise specified, all files will be uploaded to a private link via Dropbox

Self-directed Narrations:

  • Schedule to be determined together
  • 3 different options to be provided for selection
  • 1 revision included in cost – please provide specific comments
  • All files to be provided: edited / breaths removed (unless otherwise specified) / no mistakes / clicks, sibilance, plosives removed)
  • No processing / post-production (unless otherwise agreed)
  • No syncing to video (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Shorter projects: under 500 words to be delivered 24-72 hours as agreed based on schedule availability
  • Longer projects: over 500 words to be delivered TBC as agreed based on schedule availability

Call-in Client-directed Narrations:

  • Determined on a case-by-case basis as agreed, based on schedule availability
  • Hong Kong is +12hrs ahead of EST and +15hrs ahead of PST (during non-daylight savings times)
  • Hong Kong is +13hrs ahead of ESt and +16hrs ahead of PST (during daylight savings times)

Source Connect:

  • TBC

Studio Recordings:

  • Can recommend local studios or work with your designated on-site studios
  • If VO recording is handled by a commercial studio, they shall provide you with the edited files.

Urgent Requests

  • Dealt with on case-by-case basis pending schedule availability
  • Surcharge required if turnaround required is less than 24hrs

As many clients will be working by remote, turnaround times may be delayed for unforeseen reasons or circumstances beyond our control, please be patient and understanding and know we will be doing our best to meet your deadlines.  Communication is pivotal and we will keep you informed at every stage of recording & delivery so you can rest assured your file is in good hands.

  • Please provide the FINAL SCRIPT for recording
  • Additional recordings or corrections after scheduled recording will be charged
  • Guide tracks are helpful if you can provide
  • Please provide specific direction & guidance on tone, manner, flow, style to ensure VO is delivered as per your specifications
  • Any additional information you can provide that would assist in providing best narration for your project
  • For dial-in directed recordings, please be online at least 5-10mins prior to recording to go through any final comments prior to actual recording
  • Contract signed, schedule, fee and payment method agreed by both parties